A little bit ago I made a dress for myself with some help, and a dolls dress more recently.

The under skirt for the doll I crocheted also. I have a pattern for air freshener dolls which would be fun to use agien.


2 sites 4 Vintage shoujo fans

Alright, being up straight and honest, one is out of date and the other is in another language. But browsing through them inspired me so much.     So, let’s start with the first.


Only shoujo is in Italian, so you may want a web translater. Kindle works well with that. At least for this site. IPad seemed a little harder, or maybe I just figured it out by now. Its safe as far as I can tell. On this site you can find pictures of lots of cool old vintage shojo merchandise ( not for sale darn it! ), Scans, paperdolls and so forth. It made my heart skip a beat for a moment. Although I may just be crazy. So next!


This one is mostly scans. But she has other stuff too. So check it out!!! Hopefully we’ll see more updates from these. Pshhht like I can talk. Yeah I’m bad.

So while I’m at it where you can actually buy V-shoujo merchandise is on Etsy, EBay, and some on Amazon. Dude, if you know of any other sites tell me! I cannot find a candy candy doll anywhere!

If this was helpful give me a smiley face. If not a frowny. Or just say whatever.






The rough sketches…

I’ve started a project on a comic, it will be a series of connected short story’s with an over arching plot. The plot is generic and simple but I like it and that’s what counts. I made the first two drafts and at the moment I’m letting them sit a while for now, so I can look over them with fresh eye’s and see what needs to be changed. I want to make it in the style of Nashitani Yoshiko’s artwork. I may tone down his/her (not sure which it is, I only know the name.) artwork a bit, but I also might not, it all depends. Above are the rough sketches I’ve drawn for it, draft 1 and 2.

love Lalajaney

Candy Candy Paper-dolls by me

Above are Paper-dolls made by me of Candy and Albert from the manga Candy Candy. There not finished yet as I still have the clothes to make. Alberts my favorite Character so naturally I chose him to be featured with Candy. I think it would be fun to do her other friends too though. Like Annie and Terry. I LOVE Alistair! He was the bomb! I really should do him. You Can google search Candy Candy and find an English translation for free even. That’s what I did anyhow.

I’ve started watching the Lady Lady anime in french. Which is both cool and annoying. I might like it better if I could understand what’s being said. It’s pretty good so far though…I think.

Love Lalajaney

Candy Candy

Candy Candy is a 1975 manga written by Kiyoko Mizuki and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi. It won the first Kodansha manga award for shoujo in 1977 (Going off of what Wikipedia said). I myself have read the manga and watched the anime from online translations.

I wont go into the plot really but I will share a few things. The story begins before WWI and leads up to it. The main character is a girl called Candice White with the nickname of “Candy” Who is very fun-loving and good natured. It starts from her child hood to her teens and is mostly about her life and the difficulty’s and challenges she has to overcome before finally having a happily ever after.

Its a very touching story. Though perhaps not high literature it still shows that even when things seem the very lowest they will become better perhaps even better than what you had originally hoped.

In the story she falls in love and has high hopes of being with that person but loses them and though distraught she’s able to heal, not entirely forgetting it but the painful feelings that were around it have left, and she finds someone who probably will love and care for her better than the last person.

So anyways I love this story and I think it a worthwhile read. Just take it with a grain of salt since it does get pretty over melodramatic. Also Fans tend to get weird about it as to who Candy really gets in the end. But going off of the manga’s plot I’m pretty sure its somewhat clear on that. Otherwise the end would be meaningless. But people have there opinions. 

The Anime is also good but with a few add ins such as the fact that candy is a master at the lasso, and has a raccoon sidekick that follows her around. (:

Love LalaJaney


Hello world!

Hello! Nice to meet you. I’m glad you came for a visit. I really truly do not entirely know what I am going to do with this site. Only bits and pieces but the goal is to share bright happy things…yay! I love pictures, so I want to add a lot of those. I like lots of vintage things but I also like new things too, although to be honest I was probably born in the wrong time period because I mostly like vintage things. You’l probably see a lot of dolls and so forth since I collect them. Im hoping I can expand over time and add more to my blog, but it’s also just an experiment to see what happens. I may not be able to keep up with it, since I’m a very slow person and I jump from one thing to the other, but I hope I can do a good job in-spite.

love Lalajaney